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How To Solve A Major Carpet Cleaning Problem

It can be a difficult process if you're not familiar with everything that is involved in the process. Read on to determine how to do this easily.

TIP! You may think carpet cleaners only clean carpets, but they offer more services than that. For example, some companies will also treat draperies and upholstery.

There are many carpet cleaners available and some are better qualified and reliable than others.Ask for their references from trusted individuals and check online as well. This is a good way to find a professional carpet cleaning firm that suits your area.

TIP! Test any cleaning solution on a corner of carpet not easily viewed. You don't want to do permanent damage to your carpet by using a cleaner that's too harsh for the fibers in your carpet.

It is best to vacuum a floor if you do it in sections. This helps you see what areas you already have vacuumed so you will not double track. If the room being vacuumed is square, it's a simple task to break it down into quadrants.

TIP! Take the time to review customer responses for the different companies in your area. Just because a service has been in business for quite a while, there is no guarantee their service is really good.

Be wary of any company that only contacts you by telephone or bases their prices on a price per room. The reality is that there are many different room sizes available. A professional cleaning company should be basing their prices on the total area of the room that they are cleaning.

TIP! Having your carpets cleaned is very important. Sometimes carpets in a showroom have chemicals added in order to preserve them.

Test any solution on a small unnoticed area of the carpet before applying it all over. This will ensure that your carpet does not become ruined. This simple test can save you lots of time and lots of money in the long run.

Wash all new carpets as soon as you buy the moment it's in your home. Some carpets contain chemicals that are on display.

TIP! You should let the carpet cleaner you hire know where electrical sockets are. They must not clean these since it can cause a serious accident.

You want to feel absolutely comfortable with any company you pay to help clean your carpet cleaning company. You should be satisfied with their service from beginning to end. A company makes sure that cares will want to make you are happy the whole process through.

Try a lot of cleaning products before determining which one you want to use. Once you find a product you like, be sure to continue to use it.

TIP! If you are touching up your carpet between services, read all directions carefully on cleaning products. You don't want to miss any special instructions for certain materials, ventilation requirements, or what you should do if something goes wrong.

Make sure that you have a suitable area for the carpet cleaner to park their vehicle. It can be a big problem if you don't plan for this. The cleaner you hired will more than likely need to carry some heavy equipment inside, often times carrying very heavy and awkward equipment.

Be sure to ask what carpet cleaning company which services they include.Ask them upfront what is included to avoid a large bill.

It can seem small, but it does make a difference.

Baking Soda

TIP! If you spill liquid on your carpets, blot it immediately. Make sure you use a dry towel and apply pressure to absorb the liquid.

You should seriously consider cleaning your carpets because of a smell; there is something you can do yourself.Sprinkle baking soda lightly on it while no one is around. Let the baking soda sit around for an hour or two and then vacuum. This should help get rid of foul smells.

TIP! Ask trusted family and friends for recommendations. You aren't the first person ever to need their carpets cleaned.

If you spill some liquid on your carpet, blot it immediately. Use dry towel to help absorb the liquid. Cleaning a stain is simpler if the liquids don't get down deep in the carpet.

TIP! Make sure you have your carpet cleaning service use a deodorizer. This is put on the carpets and will take out some of the smells that often accompany pet hair and dirt.

If your carpet has absorbed the odors from your pets, think about asking whether a company uses deoderizers. This is added into the cleanser and masks pet smells in your home. This will make the home smell fresher and less like your pets.

TIP! Put together a list of questions you want to ask to the carpet cleaners you are interested in. Start with what techniques they utilize to clean the carpets and if that will work with your carpet.

Find out about the service history of any cleaning company you are considering hiring. Ask how long they've been operating.Ask them how many employees they employ and what the normal turnaround time is.

TIP! When preparing for a steam cleaning, vacuum the carpets first. Dirt may get deep into the carpet when steam cleaning.

You must to consider the quality above all else. You need to feel confident in the people you can trust. You should hire the company with a crew who care about your property.

TIP! Ask carpet cleaners if they offer satisfaction guarantees on services. A crew that does not properly clean your carpet needs to do it again.

You should always make sure they show their license or certification.If they do not have the proper identification do not allow them in. They are legally required to supply you with this information upon inquiry, otherwise you cannot verify their credibility.

Get them to describe the procedures.You want to hire the company who is conscientious about protecting your belongings.

TIP! Look at references and reviews prior to letting a company inside your home. The vast majority of carpet cleaning professionals are very upstanding; however, it only takes one bad one to ruin your day! Do an online search, ask friends or contact the BBB if you want to find a trustworthy cleaner.

Always vacuum your carpet is vacuumed before doing a steam cleaning. This lifts up dirt that can smear once steam hits it. This can give you the best foundation to steam cleaning.

TIP! Make sure that you ask a carpet cleaning company for insurance information before you sign any contracts. Never take a cleaning company's word that they have adequate coverage.

Ask carpet cleaning company if they offer satisfaction guarantee on services. If the company's services do not satisfy you, they should come back and do it again. You shouldn't pay for a service they didn't provide.

When asking a company to explain why their service is superior to others, they can't just answer, "They just are." If that's what they say, hang up the phone.

TIP! You don't want to fall for company advertising alone. It's possible that it's a sign of shoddy work on their part.

It can be very difficult to remove grease out of a porous surface such as carpet. Sprinkle corn starch on your carpets for about 30 minutes before vacuuming. Repeat this process as necessary to get rid of grease.

TIP! When it comes to a professional carpet technician, you should evaluate his appearance. Do they appear professional, possibly wearing a uniform? If there is no uniform, are they somewhat presentable? You may not think this is important, but people should show an interest in their work if they are to do a good job.

Ask a cleaning company for their insurance prior to signing contracts.Never trust their word that they have adequate coverage. Ask the company who their insurance policy and give them a call. The last thing you want is to learn their insurance coverage has lapsed after they have a cleaning service working on your home.

Ask about the products and equipment they plan to use in your home. You should be making sure they are using only the best.


Try to avoid any companies that are being too much on advertising. You would hate to choose a company and find out that they do shoddy work. When marketing takes an overly aggressive tone, it may mean business isn't quite booming.


Knowing what to look for will allow you to make an informed decision. Use the tips from this article to make sure you take proper care of your carpet. By taking the time to learn how to find the best carpet-cleaning company, you won't be sorry.

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